Scaffolder Polska

Scaffolder Polska Sp. z o.o. was established in 2001 in Siedlce as PBI Podlasie Sp. z o.o. The company's main activity in the first years of operation was to provide planning, assembly, supervision and rental services for scaffolding for construction purposes. The company carried out assembly projects throughout Poland, but the main market for the provision of services was Warsaw.

At the turn of 2008/2009 was made an ownership changes, company's name was changed from PBI Podlasie Sp. z o.o. to Scaffolder Polska Sp. z o.o. The headquater moved from Siedlce to Warsaw.

As part of reorganization acquaired experienced technical staff with many years of experience in the field of supervision and comprehensive service, design of scaffolding and temporary access devices (lifts, jacks, etc.).

Scaffolder Polska has developed its business in the industrial and energy sectors, employs its own experienced employees. In 2010, the Company commenced the implementation of assembly projects in the EU countries. At present, the company provides high quality assembly and service services for scaffolding construction on industrial and power projects in Poland and other EU countries, depending on the needs of our clients.



Employees have certificates to assembly and use scaffolding in Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the United Kingdom as well as in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and they have the international authority of safety and working conditions in specific treat for supervisiors and line workers: SCC/SOS, SCC/BES, VCA/SHE, SSG, powers for operators of access devices, energetic permissions, supplies and surveillance. Training in the International Nuclear Institute in Dubna near Moscow.